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Wines with a unique personality!

Over the past 40 years, close partnerships have  This constant vigilance and effort is all part of
been established with more than 20 respected     the process of remaining close to the vines
vineyard owners, showcasing a selection of       during their growth and development phase.
terroirs that go into the LB family wines.       This ensures the highest quality standards,
                                                 which provides the wine lover a wine of unique
The estate wines are the fruit of shared         personality and style.
experiences with our wine-producing partners.
We have a joint project to get the best from     Our oldest partners include: Domaine la
their vines and their expertise in order to      Crau des Papes, Château Noël Saint Laurent,
produce unique wines that rhyme with             Domaine des Vaudois, Domaine Montbayon
pleasure, finesse and gastronomy.                and Domaine du Père Hugues.
To guarantee the Louis Bernard style, a          A premium range, exclusively Southern Rhône,
dedicated winemaker visits our partners on       available in limited volumes for special offers.
a daily basis and follows vineyard evolution,
from bud-break to harvest.



                      Sylvain Jean, winemaker, is the guarantor of the ‘Louis
                      Bernard’ style, which is very much focused on Grenache,
                      the king of grape varieties in the southern Rhone Valley.
                      What does he like most about his job?
                     «The diversity of my tasks, working hand in hand with the partner
                     winegrowers to create wines that respect the land that they come
                     from and satisfy the expectations of customers worldwide.»
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