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         The art and passion of Rhône Valley wines

Louis Bernard winery was founded in 1976           With our partners, we have been committed
in the heart of the Rhône Valley and its           to sustainable viticulture and earth-friendly
renowned Crus by Mr Bernard.                       policies for more than 20 years. We have
                                                   gradually expanded these environmental
From the very beginning, he initiated over 20      practices and socially responsible policies.
viticultural partnerships united in a common       They remain at the heart of our overall
objective: to coax from the vineyards the          agricultural, economic and economic
finest expression of their terroir.                concerns.

40 years later, the Louis Bernard spirit is still
alive and has been given a new inspiration
thanks to a dynamic team established in the
village of Gigondas.


                                    Ensuring an environment that is harmonious and
                                    beneficial to all through day-to-day responsible
                                    practices has been our priority for more than 20 years.
                                    We are committed to sustainable and organic
                                    agriculture; to the preservation of bio-diversity,
                                    to equitable treatment of our people and to the
                                    production of eco-friendly wines.

                                    It is therefore not by chance that we are one the
                                    first wineries of the Rhône Valley to be recognized
                                    «Exemplary» by independant experts for our
                                    commitment to sustainable development.
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