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                                                               Vines have been cultivated for more than 2,000 years
                                                               in the Rhône Valley. With the arrival of the Papacy
                                                               in Avignon in the 14th century, Rhône Valley wines
                                                               started to earn endorsements for their intrinsic
                                                               quality. In 1937, with the creation of the official ‘‘Côtes
                                                               du Rhône’’ Appellation by Baron Leroy, the wines
                                                               of the Rhône Valley definitely gained international
                                                               recognition thanks to their unique grape varieties and
                                                               remarkable diversity of terroirs.


Grenache provides generosity, power and warm character to the wines of the southern
Rhône Valley. Originally from Spain, it was planted in the South of France more than two
centuries ago.

There are red, white and even ‘gris’ versions. A vigorous variety, it resists drought and
the rigours of the Mistral wind. King of the Rhône Valley, it is given pride of place in
our red wine blends, not only for its dense aromatic potential, its flavours of red fruit
and spices, but also for its voluptuous character. It adds ageing potential to the blends
and its organoleptic qualities are highlighted when it is combined with other varieties,
such as Syrah.

It also produces fruity and silky Rosés.
White Grenache produces wines that are low in acidity, well-rounded and
with good length on the palate.
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